On My Way

The inspiring view at Hurricane Ridge, Olympic National Park, Washington

The following blogs, or pages, or sites – I’m not quite sure which I’ve created – are my attempt at providing an account of my workaway year. I hope to update regularly; for those of you who just want instant, real time doings through pictures only, I have created – don’t fall over – an Instagram account. As this wordpress website took me several week to figure out, I cannot guarantee anything successful with Instagram, but if you would like your life interrupted with random pictures of my present goings on, you’re more than welcome to follow me. I think you’ll be able to find me by either searching for my name or my trendy username, writedowntheroad.  So either way or neither, thanks for checking in to see where I am or what I’m doing. On the other hand, announcing my online presence with trumpet sounding notifications using this site or Instagram steals my moments from me, and this journey is meant for self discovery, not self importance. So if I’ve decided to shut down all operations, you will have known why.



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