Let Them Eat Cake

I’m living through hour two of six at Lisbon Airport, hub of Air Portugal (TAP), waiting for a rebooked connecting … More

The Mangrove Mysteries

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From Pine to Palm

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By Tube if not by Foot

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Into England

Leaving has an excitement all its own: a heightened energy awakens me to an attention to detail that I might … More

For the Love of Dogs

A trifecta of good travel includes the decisions of food, accommodations and wheels. How to eat, how to sleep, and … More


Purely by coincidence, we visited King Arthur’s fabled Avalon on the 19th and then Stonehenge on the 20th, the two … More

Tea for Two

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A Good Bath

We met in the kitchen around 1 am for midnight snack intermission and spoke briefly about the next day’s itinerary. … More